• In their room: Berlin (Gay Docu - 2011)

    Shot over the course of one day, Travis Mathews documents the sex lives of several gay men in Berlin, some coupled, some single, some hooking up. Through conversations with friends, lovers and tricks, Mathews documents various faces of gay intimacy through his subjects.

    Gay Themed Movies
  • Aya Arcos (Gay Movie - 2014)

    Successful, middle-aged writer Edu falls in love with a young male prostitute, Fabio. They begin a passionate and tumultuous affair, whilst Edu struggles with the likelihood that Fabio is HIV positive due to his profession. Unable and unwilling to demand that Fabio stops being a prostitute, Edu attempts to block out his fear and... Gay Themed Movies

  • Antartica ( Gay Movie - 2008)

    Omer is miserable because he's about to turn 30 and he hasn't found love or his true purpose in life. However, he's not really looking very hard. He prefers to lose himself among the stacks of books at the local library and immerse himself in a series of delicious one night stands. He becomes intrigued by Danny, a young dancer,... Gay Themed Movies

  • Greek pete (Gay Docu - 2009)

    Pete arrives in London with the hope of increasing his business as an escort, always up for it and always horny, a fantasy for those willing to pay. Not only is the money better in the big city, there are more opportunities to be had and Pete has goals and ambitions. He wants a flat in central London, a decent laptop and some good... Gay Themed Movies

  • Solo ( Gay movie - 2013)

    Manuel meets a guy on the internet and after initially saying he doesnt want to meet for sex, he agrees to let the very persistent Horacio come to his apartment. Before they get down to sex, the two guys start chatting, with Manuel revealing that hes gone through a difficult break-up, while Horacio seems tired of the crap that... Gay Themed Movies

  • Gefangen (Locked up) - (Gay movie - 2004)

    Dennis is in prison. Through the bars of his cell, he sees Mike, a black American detainee. Under the watchful eye of guards and other prisoners, a passionate relationship between the two men begins. But some prisoners jealous of not taking advantage of Dennis's favor, will do him the worst abuse.

    Gay Themed Movies
  • Ciao (Gay Movie - 2008)

    After the sudden death of his best friend Mark, it falls to Jeff to put his affairs in order. Discovering that Mark had been conducting an extended, intimate email relationship with a web designer named Andrea, who was about to come to Dallas, Texas, to meet Mark for the first time, Jeff writes to inform Andrea of Marks demise and... Gay Themed Movies

  • Breaking the cycle (Gay Movie - 2002)

    Breaking the Cycle is a love story between two roommates. Jason is a hedonist who spends his time trolling the Internet in order to engage in anonymous sex. His reserved roommate, Chad, has a crush on Jason, but the two are simply good friends. One day, a friend exposes Chad to the world of Internet chat rooms, and he begins to... Gay Themed Movies